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Legal Aspects of Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Legal Aspects of Nursing - Essay ExampleLegal aspects of nursing The encourage fondness for the patient has exhibited professional negligence. Mrs. M successfully underwent surgery to remove a brain lesion. She had problem with swallowing, and the medical checkup exam team promptly carried out further investigations to ensure patient comfort and a quick recovery. The roentgenogram revealed that her lungs showed no signs of infiltration or congestion. However mismanagement and negligence emerged during her transportation. A driver was charged with the guardianship of Mrs. M. The patient was in a critical state after undergoing an intensive surgical procedure. In addition, her recovery was difficult as she had a swallowing problem. It is inappropriate for the hospital management to entrust patient care of critical patients to untrained military group. All personnel handling patients need to be professional nurses or doctors. Untrained personnel should be closely supervised by nu rses. Lack of supervision is tantamount to patient neglect and this is play of gross misconduct. This is evident in the case of Mrs. M during her transport from the hospital elbow room to the X-ray room for a repeat chest film. The untrained patient transporter who was the sole care giver in the course of the transportation allowed the humidifier given up to the atomic number 8 line to lay on its side. ... Moreover, the untrained transporter needs to understand his/her responsibilities as stipulated in this/her job description. Clearly, it is not his/her responsibility to make decisions on the placement of medical devices. The nurse charged with the care of Mrs. M should lease supervised the untrained transporter. Due to patient mismanagement, piddle accumulated in Mrs. Ms lungs and she developed a bout of aspiration pneumonia. This led to her incidental readmission in the intensive care unit. It was a major inconvenience for the patient as recovery clip was prolonged. Aspi ration pneumonia is a serious medical condition as it may lead to lung inflammation, lung abscess (accumulation of pus in the lungs) and chronic pneumonia. Fortunately, Mrs. M recovered well without encountering any complications. The unfortunate incident would have been prevented via proper supervision. The nurse charged with the care of Mrs. M should have fulfilled her responsibility. She should have overseen the transport and handling of Mrs. M. The uptake of group O via the oxygen mask should have been checked to avoid any mishaps. The humidifier attached to the oxygen line would have been maintained in the right position and not allowed to lie on the side. All supplemental oxygen that is routinely administered to patients needs to be humidified. According to BTS emergency oxygen guidelines, humidification is necessary for patients who need high settle oxygen for a period exceeding 24 hours especially if they report discomfort of the upper air lane as a result of dryness. In the administration of an oxygen mask, the oxygen flow meter is attached to the wall outlet. Secondly, the humidifier is filled with the

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How online newspaper reporting will influence the adjustment of Literature review

How online newspaper reporting will influence the adjustment of outside policy in democratic and autocratic countries - Literature review ExampleThere are two major aspects that may define the extent to which the media influence the inappropriate policy making process. First, the level of level companionship that the mankind has on the agenda of the foreign policy discussion determines the level of media influence on the formulation of foreign policy (Croteau & Hoynes, 199754). This is because under circumstances where the public has a high level of knowledge in relation to the agenda, much(prenominal) as the existence of a foreign crisis that the public is aware of, such an agenda is likely to generate a high level of public opinion that demands that the policy formulators moldiness pay attention to the views and feelings of the public, regarding the policy (Altschull, 198432). For example, where a country is to enter into a foreign trade apprehension with other foreign nati ons relating to the exploitation of a countrys resources, the media plays the role of informing the public, which in wreak raises a public opinion that demands the ear of the policy formulators. On the hand, where the foreign policy agenda is an surface that the public has little or no direct knowledge about, the media plays the role of publicizing the issue, so that the public becomes aware of the existence of such a policy agenda, and thus raises its opinion. Secondly, the nature of the effect that the policy agenda will directly have on the people also defines the level of media influence on the foreign policy making process (Graber, 2006937).

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Students must demonstrate the ability to identify, assemble, and Research Paper

Students must demonstrate the ability to identify, assemble, and disseminate extant information relating to a thing in - Research Paper Example205). Majority of Americans, whether supporters of the Republicans, the Democrats or Independent candidates, have repeatedly target into perspective the religious beliefs, values, and principles of policy-making contenders in the run up to the fields elections. For instance, religious affiliations of Abraham Lincoln, doubting Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton, George Bush, John F. Kennedy, William Howard, Ronald Reagan, and Barrack Obama among others played significant part in view of their chances to clinch the presidency. firearm most of these candidates were purportedly Christians going by the official membership, American electorates also considered a number of them Muslims, deists, or even atheists (Newport, p. 205). In essence, religious affiliations always became subject of scrutiny and criticism during political campaigns and had sig nificant contact in the candidates ability to articulate his plans and schema for the country and citizens. Controversies that surrounded Mitt Romneys religious affiliations played a role in his shocking loss to President Obama. Review of books Religious affiliations of political candidates have boosted or narrowed down their chances to clinch the presidency and other political positions in the United States. ... Even political parties have been subject of scrutiny as far as religion is concerned. In essence, most allegations lack substantial proof and attestation. Various scholars have attested to the essence of religious belief and affiliation especially during campaign periods in America. According to Fisher and Koch (2004, p. 62), Roman Catholics emerged as the most preferred religious affiliation by most presidents. However, their book The Entrepreneurial College President, indicate a huge disparity in terms of the chances that a Roman Catholic presidential candidate has to effect an effective president of the Unites States. Hence, there is serious underrepresentation of the Roman Catholics by considering the number of effective presidents they ever produced since the country attained its political independence. In their analysis, a meager 24.5 share indicated predilection for a Roman Catholic president (Fisher & Koch, p. 62). The trend is more shocking when one considers the Baptist presidential representation. Apparently, Americans who subscribe to the Baptist denomination constitute a skimpy 16.3 percent of the entire population. The mainstream Protestant denominations such as the Lutheran, the Methodist, and Presbyterian are surprisingly overrepresented despite their minimum frequency in the entire countrys population. According to Fischer and James, the Presbyterian Church constitutes less than 3 percent (precisely 2.7 percent) yet it enjoys massive representation in the overall presidency outlook (Fisher & Koch, p. 62). However, the study ind icated no preference for a Muslim president notwithstanding realism of the religion constituting a significant percentage of the

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Compare and contrast Freuds and Piagets development models Term Paper

comparison and contrast Freuds and Piagets move upment models - Term Paper ExampleHow could Piaget claim that Freuds explanations are insufficient? dungaree Piaget (1896-1980) worked on the development of intellectual capabilities of children. The way he viewed the development of childrens mind and their intellectual capabilities is enormously exceptional especially in educational theories. He proposed that children back toothnot commence certain type of tasks until they are get on with enough to do so. He further stated that childrens psychological process doesnt develop smoothly instead there are certain transitions that support them into new capabilities and area. He saw that the transitions take place at the age of 18 months, 7 years and 11 years. These ages are the ages of immaturity irrespective of the brightness and sharp mindedness of a child. Piagets Stages of Cognitive Development i. Sensori-motor (from birth to 2 years) ii. Pre-operational (2 to 7 years) iii. cover Operational (7 to 11 years) iv. Formal Operational (11 years and onwards) In contrast to that, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) defines that personality development can either results in successful and healthy completion of personality and may also result in failure and unsuccessful personality. Freud believed that personality is developed through different stages depending upon the erogenous zone.

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Discussion Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 15

discussion Questions - Assignment ExampleI am morally obliged to tell my friend rough substantiative or negative perceptions about him. However, telling a friend about public perception about him is dependent on several issues. The closeness of the opinion makers to him, the magnitude of the perception, and the positivity or negativity of the perceptions willing be the main factors under considerations. I would tell a friend if the perception about him is positive(p) or is not so damaging if it is negative. People lose personal confidence if their ego is digest by enlightenment about other perceptions about him.The most appropriate way to tell a friend is through reasoning similar situations with him to substantiate his reaction if it as his case. By doing this, I would understand the possible way to explain the perception about him without him developing negative emotions or perceptions about the people. This is because he or she would be prepared to deal with such an

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What are the links between class and alienation according to Marx Essay

What are the links betwixt class and insanity according to Marx - Essay Examplethe civilised epoch, namely, the idea that some time in the past masses lived in harmony, and then there was some kind of rupture which left people feeling like foreigners in the world, but some time in the future this alienation would be overcome and humanity would again live in harmony with itself and Nature.Marx, a social philosopher developed his judgment of alienation in criticizing the work of Hegel where he found the existence of the experience in modern worldly-minded society (Encyclopaedia of Marxism, 2004) (Paraphrasing Made).Encyclopaedia of Marxism (2004), give tongue to that Marxs work, written in 1844, shows how alienation arises from private effort and from goodness production citing excerpt from Marx (1844) saying Let us review the various factors as seen in our assumption My work would be a free manifestation of life, hence an enjoyment of life. Presupposing private property, my w ork is an alienation of life, for I work in order to live, in order to obtain for myself the means of life. My work is non my life.Encyclopaedia of Marxism (2004) explained that Marx went on to show that the specific form of labour characteristic of bourgeois society, wage labour, corresponds to the more or less profound form of alienation. It argued that since wage workers sell their labour power to earn a living, and the capitalist owns the labour process, the product of the workers labour is in a very real sense alien to the worker. Moreover, it said that it is not her product but the product of the capitalist and that the worker makes a rod for her own back. (Paraphrasing Made).Encyclopaedia of Marxism (2004) said that once a product enters the market, no-one has any control of it, and it sets off on a course which appears to be governed by supra-human laws. It quoted Marx (2005), Capital Volume One saying ... with commodities. ... It is a definite social relation surrounded by men that assumes, in their eyes, the fantastic form of a relation between things. In

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Essay on Health Studies Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

On Health Studies - Essay Examplere is universal access to personal health among many nations of the tenderness but there seems to be a link between the levels of in comply to the access to healthcare. The differentiations in both countries come in form of age, ethnicity, religion and the surrounding community (Tumushabe, 2006)). Further, many analysts get by that the low social and stinting demographics in Africa, where Uganda falls explains the high level of inequality in that part of the world. In that regard, it is wise to argue that poverty stricken areas that have higher inequalities that boil down to the impact of HIV in Britain and Uganda and make headway explaining why the scourge is worse in Uganda than in Britain. One thing is evident a concomitant that would be corroborated in the paper, that Uganda has a higher level of inequality in social, economic and political inequalities than Britain and the very(prenominal) is evidenced in manifestation of the scourge of not only HIV but also some other complaints.The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a slowly reproducing retrovirus that is responsible for AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), a medical condition that threatens human immune system and leaves it vulnerable for all manner of opportunistic diseases. The virus is caused by transfer of crosscurrent from a sick person or exchange of semen, vaginal fluids and other bodily fluids involved during versed intercourse (Stolley & Glass, 2009). One of the major pandemics of the 21st century, HIV has robbed the world of valuable human resource and left over(p) millions of orphans around the world, especially in developing nations. The burden caused by this pandemic has gone beyond unnatural nations to other countries with relatively low prevalence rates by having huge resources committed to fighting the disease abroad. One such program has been the Global Fund initiated by the United Nations where rich nations contribute into a common pool for a worldwide campaign on HIV-AIDS.Different countries have diverse tactic for fighting